Executive box woe – Reading vs Cardiff City

Executive box woe

I’m afraid today hasn’t gone to plan. What should have been a whoopy-doopsy, all expenses paid trip to Reading for a Toshiba press launch and – oh yes! – the prospect of watching the mighty Cardiff City continue their winning form went horribly wrong.

Sure the exec book at Reading was suitably whizzy, and there was free beer, but things started to go awry when the food was wheeled out: chicken, chicken or, err, more chicken.

Far from enjoying a pre-match feast, yours truly was left nibbling on a dull diet of dried pitta bread and lettuce.

And the the football! The first half was a joy to behold, with Cardiff commanding the game and looking set to roll onto another triumph. After 12 minutes we were 1-0 up and looking good for more.

And then something odd happened at half time. We became Reading and they became us! Suddenly, Reading were al over us like a bad suit and we slumped to a 2-1 defeat.

And then I came home to find that the entire urban75.org has site has mysteriously gone offline (that’ll teach me to boast about the stats, eh?)

Oh well… ho hum…

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