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A feast of stats!

Unzip your anoraks, push up your band-aided specs and get a load of these tech-tastic stats!

Oh yes! Access stats!

The part of the site is currently getting 100,000+ page impressions per day. On the bulletin boards, there are 2,500-3,000 new posts every day, 100 new threads and around 15 new posters registering every day. attracts 40,000 page impressions a day while the part of the site creates such a large weekly log file (in excess of 600 meg) that I can’t be arsed to download it!

What browser?

I used to be a big fan of Netscape until it turned into the most unpredictable browser on the planet. Version 4.7, in particular, was a piece of unmitigated dog shit and you could hear the howl of frustrated web designers echoing all over cyberspace as the crappy program screwed up their carefully-hewn layouts.

Sadly, Micro$oft has the browser market well and truly sewn up now – 91% of all traffic to urban75 is using Internet Explorer.

What’s the busiest time of day on the site, Mr Webmaster?

Well, let me tell you. The busiest time is 1800 (GMT) with the quietest time being around 5am.

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