The Dome, Lambeth Country Show and PROD

Skankin’ around the room…

Currently glued to the office CD player is the mighty fine Linton Kwesi Johnson, “LKJ in Dub” 1980 CD. ‘Nuff respect!

A quick update to what’s been going down: on Saturday I went back to the Millennium Dome for the respect Festival. Sadly, the Dome’s been stripped of almost all its internal fittings, leaving a dirty great big empty tent. Inside, the noise of sound systems, bands and funfair rides all combined into an horrendous cacophony while the acres of asphalt and rubbish swirling around in the wind meant that it wasn’t what you’d call the ideal picnic spot. It’s a shame, because I like the Dome and in its current stripped-down form, it’s a rubbish venue for a festival.

The evening saw a mad dash to the excellent People’s Republic of Disco in the Windmill, Brixton, where industrial strength quaffing took place. It’s one of the best nights to be found in London, but keep it to yourself – the promoters don’t want it overrun with scoot-stick toting, three quarter trew-wearing, Hoxton-fin toting fuckwits.

And the weekend was rounded off in fine fashion by a visit to the superlative Lambeth Country Show, which as to be the best one day urban festival in the UK – where else can you listen to hip hop, admire prize winning winning turnips, watch medieval battle enactments, motorcycle displays and chariot racing and see goats, sheep, owls, horses, ducks and turkeys?

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