Daytrip to Liverpool

Daytrip to Liverpool

Yesterday I endured seven hours travelling for a meeting in Liverpool and managed to grab a few photos on the way home – I’ll slap them in the photo gallery soon.

Long time readers of this blog will recall the inner turmoil, gnashing of teeth and angst I went through trying to decide what camera to buy. Sadly, I’m still faffing over what to get.

The Minolta A1 came very, very close a few weeks ago, but continuing reports of ‘hot pixels’, dodgy models and noise changed my mind.

The truly fabulous Canon 300D DSLR is a beaut of a camera but too bulky for my tastes – and the lack of a live LCD preview and swivelling lens means it’s definitely not for me.

The Sony 828 continues to look mouth-wateringly tasty, but Sony keep messing about with the chuffing release date – it was supposed to be out now, but now there’s talk of late December or even next year. And I want a camera now!

After all this, I’m beginning to look longingly at the old Sony 717 as it continues to plummet down in price (it was £900 and now it’s down to £500)…..decisions! decisions!

Meanwhile my web design book ‘Max Hits: designing successful websites’ has been republished at a soft back (no need to tell me about it, Mr Publisher!). Amazon are doing a groovy ‘Look inside the book’ feature.

And now it’s the 200,000th best selling book in the US!! (I’ll hold the champagne for now).

Finally: tonight’s the night when Wales take on Russia. We have to win to qualify for the European Championships so come on Wales!!!

Cymru am byth!!!

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