Two ace films: Solaris and Far From Heaven

Top films!

I’ve been taking advantage of these current employment-challenged times to watch some films in my Brixton’s most excellent Ritzy Cinema. And who needs Halliwell when you can read my snappier reviews?


A sort of 2001-lite set in a slightly claustrophobic space station where not a great deal happens. It’s all in the mind, maaaan.

OK for a wet Monday afternoon, but I’d forgotten all about the plot within minutes of leaving the cinema. 6/10

Far From Heaven:

A wonderfully evocative film, set in an golden autumn of the late 1950s. The rich onscreen colours form a vibrant backdrop to this tale of bigotry and prejudice in small town America. The main characters are well acted and convincing and and attention to detail throughout the film makes for an engaging experience. It’s a great film which stays with you hours after you’ve left your seat. urban75’s recommendation of the week! 8.5/10


I normally hate films that have some big Hollywood star playing two roles, but Nicholas Cage manages to pull off this unusual tale with aplomb. It’s got enough twists in the tale to keep you wondering, and the ending is quite unexpected. Funny, smart, witty and intelligent, this is well worth a couple of hours of your time. 8/10

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