Caerfilli Mountain with a headful of ale

Still recovering…

It’s been a hectic few days.. the urban75 party rocked big time with an up-for-it friendly crowd, some top tunes and the loveliest people – big respect all round! Next day it was up to Wales for my nephew’s 18th (aargh! I feel so old!) with a trip to the mighty Ninian Park first. Except Cardiff City were crap and we got stuffed. And it rained. Boo hoo.

In the evening it was time to get drunk with people half my age – which was fun – followed by an early morning wander up Caerfilli Mountain to take in some lovely Welsh air…pics to follow soon.

Now I’m back in Brixton and still working on my chuffin’ tax return. Grrr!

Quick recommendation: if you’re getting hammered with spam, download this fab free app: Mailwasher – it sends the spam back from whence it came, telling it that your address doesn’t exist. Cool!

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