A selection of strange search terms used to find the urban75 boards

A selection of strange search terms used to find the urban75 boards

Thanks to Google’s real time analytics, I can see exactly what search terms people have just typed into Google’s search engine to find the urban75 bulletin boards.

People certainly are typing in some weird and wonderful search phrases, some of which would make excellent band names, my favourite so far being, “amphetamine wank loop.”

Here’s a selection of some of the search terms entered in the last 24 hours. Unlike Bono, I hope they found what they were looking for.

are silicon egg poachers any good

can u pack champagne in a suitcase on a airplane?

Why does my salt lamp weep

how much fuel does tick over use

beaufoy boy

hinged cabinet door drawing elevation

norton commando cafe

cat ladders blog

urban75 forum

“peru you” heartships

are you aloud on london buses with paint

aubergine mushroom and cheese wellington

bdsm death camps

bread cobs

muffin or barm

quality street vs roses

56 slow

bus driving experience days

doing a levels in unusual time frame

how do i kill my laptop

foxtons car on fire

Black and white nu skool tats for couples

gifts for 88 year old woman

buying used olympic tickets souvenir

do i wear a jeans to a posh meal?

boiler pressure

car easy to get in and out of

[urban75 bulletin boards.]

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