Abandoned diner, 357 West Street, Greenwich Village, NYC

Abandoned diner, 357 West Street, lower Manhattan, NYC

This sad little diner located at 357 West Street in NYC has been closed since 2006. It was originally built sometime in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s by the Kullman Diner Company.

Over the years it has existed under a variety of names including the Terminal Diner, Lunchbox Food and most recently Rib and is situated between an auto repair facility to the left and to the right a building mostly associated with adult entertainment.

Abandoned diner, 357 West Street, lower Manhattan, NYC

[Abandoned diner, Dec 2010]

Time appears to have passed this location by.

Located steps away from Manhattan’s West Side Highway with a view of the Hudson River and in the distance the New Jersey waterfront, it is easy to miss this architectural oddity as cars zoom down the highway leaving local foot traffic as the best way to get there.

Abandoned diner, 357 West Street, lower Manhattan, NYC

[Looking inside the empty diner, December 2010]

Sadly, the local manufacturing/shipping base which supported the waterfront over the years in long gone.

The area – as with most of Manhattan – is undergoing a transformation and slowly being filled with more and more luxury living.

Abandoned diner, 357 West Street, lower Manhattan, NYC

[Closed diner view, Sept 2008]

Since the diner was built by the Kullman Diner Company there is interest in rescuing it from the wrecking ball, although that probably means it will be relocated to another part of the country.

The Moondance Diner left Soho to reopen in La Barge, Wyoming and the Cheyenne Diner left Hell’s Kitchen landing in Birmingham, Alabama.

Hopefully there will indeed be a future for this little diner.

Abandoned diner, 357 West Street, lower Manhattan, NYC

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6 Comments on “Abandoned diner, 357 West Street, Greenwich Village, NYC”

  1. Cool article Jim :).

    Had never heard of Kullman before, but found their site (if you can bear to sit through the Flash: http://www.kullman.com/corporate/history.htm) which explains that they were the first manufacturers of this kind of iconic building…

    Hope it gets rescued in situ – would like to drink a coffee in there and look out over the Hudson next time.

  2. Great article and fascinating place. My Mom’s family had a steamfitting business there at 357 from 1883 till whenever the building was torn down (moved up the street). Have watched this diner be the Lunchbox (sweet fix up) then RIB now nothing. Sad. It could be a sweet little place. But difficult with all the trucks that park in front. Necessary for them to do their work, but difficult for a diner.

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