Bands, castles and beer

On Thursday we checked out the excellent Kings Cross Hot Club at the venerable 100 Club on Oxford Street.

Offering a mix of “duelling acoustic guitars and violin, ragtime syncopation and vintage, New Orleans-style improvising,” they sounded great, and we’re hoping to get them down to play an Offline soon.

Talking of which, Offline at the Albert turned out to be another fun night.
I got to play a heap of ska, rude boy, punk and 40s big band, everyone got drunk, and we all danced at the end. A perfect Friday night.

Saturday we headed south-east to the mighty impressive Dover Castle (photos soon!) and then off to a party at the Albert and then on to the always-excellent PROD at the Canterbury Arms, Brixton.

Today, I shook off the mo’fo’ hangover and braved the relentless rain to visit the British Museum and scoop up a load of vintage rock’n’roll tunes from Fopp.

Coming up later this week on Thursday night there’s another Offline at JAMM, and there’s some great bands lined up. Come along – it’s FREE!

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