A night at the Charterhouse bar, London EC1

Went to a friend’s birthday at the Charterhouse Bar last night (oh, all right, he owns the place) and first impressions weren’t good: the upstairs bar was jammed with extraordinarily drunk people grooving to some horrible funk groove thing, so we thought we’d have the one pint and make our excuses.

But then Dexys came on as the DJ switched to let’s “play anything that makes people smile” mode, and we began to warm to the joint.

A few beers later and we were drunkenly getting down to the Psychedelic Furs, Billy Idol, Michael Jackson and all manner of cheesy tunes from the Great Vault of Stilton like the rest of them.

It was fantastic fun: no burly doormen, no attitude, a good mix of people and a really, really friendly crowd with no one taking it too seriously – a bit like a really good PROD on full tilt. It’s well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Oh, and the DJs call themselves Rubbish which was a bit worrying because they looked to be far more in control of the decks than me at an average Offline.

But, eeeugh. My ‘ead today. Biiiig hangover.

PS Expect an Offline club there soon – and don’t forget our big night on Thursday this week. We’ve got great bands galore!

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