Brixton snow!

Brixton snow!

OK, not a flake settled and it soon turned into bloody rain, but for a moment Brixton looked lovely and wintery.

I love snow. In fact, I love winter too, but the deep, thick, crisp snowfalls of my youth seem a far distant memory now.

Cefn Onn snow
One of my favourite memories was waiting for a train at Cefn Onn station in Cardiff after a big snowstorm:

During the winter of 1977, the snow was so bad that I found myself stood waist high in a snowdrift waiting for the morning train. Needless to say, the driver failed to see me as he hurtled past my platform, and I got blasted with a covering of snow for my troubles!

Seeing this as a sign from above to go home, put my feet up and stay in the warm, I called in sick!
Cefn Onn memories

Chicago snow!

When it comes to snow, Chicago knows how to dish up the stuff, and on my visit there in 1999 (to be a guest on the Jenny Jones Show), I was rewarded with some astonishingly beautiful snowscapes.

Chicago snow

Brixton snow!

We have been blessed with a few snowy days in Brixton over the years though, even if the snow didn’t tarry for long. I miss snow.

Brixton snow 2003
Brixton snow 2004
Brixton snow 2007
Brixton snow 2007 (2)

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