Brixton tube closed all weekend (Sat 20th/Sun 21st October 2012)

Brixton tube closed all weekend (Sat 20th/Sun 21st October)

More bad news, fellow Brixtonites. Following last weekend’s complete closure, Brixton tube is going to be shut all Saturday and Sunday again. Bah!

Brixton tube closed this weekend (13th - 14th October)

This means that there will be a replacement bus service running up to Stockwell and beyond, but be warned that this can involve a very leisurely route around St Matthews Church due to devilishly slow traffic.

My advice is to either use the BR overground station on Atlantic Road to swiftly get to Victoria, or pick up a regular bus instead. Check out TfL’s Journey Planner for more options.

TfL update: Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 October, no service between Brixton and Highbury & Islington. Rail replacement buses operate.

Bus service: Brixton – Vauxhall – Pimlico – Victoria.

Brixton tube closed all weekend (Sat 20th/Sun 21st October)

Here’s the flannel from TfL about the unwelcome return of the closures (we were told in July that there would be no more closures this year):

We’ve told you the upgrade’s finished on the Victoria line, so you may well be wondering why it’s closed again.

The reason is this. Although we’ve put in new trains, and new signalling – the upgrade – there is still the odd bit of maintenance work.

Over time the metal train wheels scratch and nick the rails often causing deep gouging.

If it’s left, it can in turn damage the trains so we’re getting rid of it by ‘grinding’ the rails down – effectively a sort of polishing.

Yeah. Whatevs.

Transport for London

3 Comments on “Brixton tube closed all weekend (Sat 20th/Sun 21st October 2012)”

  1. “Yeah. Whatevs.”

    I can understand your frustration, really I can, but this is a genuine bit of maintance that needs to be done. When do you suggest they do it?

  2. I suggest they stick to their promises and don’t announce a timetable that they are unable to stick to.

    If a plumber said he was going to fix your bath on Monday, wouldn’t you be a bit annoyed if he still hadn’t finished the job three months later?

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