Victoria Line completely closed yet again this Saturday (14th July 2012)

Brixton tube closures: 31st Mar/1st April and 6th/7th May 2012

Back in March 2012, London Transport was telling us that the weekend shutdown on the  6th and 7th of  May would mark the very last of a long series of weekend tube closures on the Victoria Line.

Well, that’s turned out to be a right load of bollocks, because the line is going to be closed yet again this Saturday, with slooow replacement buses running the route instead.

LT say that this will be the absolute, definite, no-kidding-honest-guv’nor last full closure of the Victoria line, with its engineers using the closure to “make the final tweaks to our new, upgraded signalling system.”

It’s bad news for the Urban Art Fair in Josephine Avenue, Brixton, who seem to get hit with these closures every year, but you can at least work out alternative means to get into Brixton with TfL’s Journey Planner.

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  1. I’m really surprised that the fact the Victoria line has been regularly completely shut down at weekends for a few years now is not considered a big scandal. Especially after the year or so when it was shut Mon – Thurs after 10pm. How is this not a massive failure of management of the line?

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