Crystal Palace photos

Crystal Palaxce.

Two (overdue) updates to the photo gallery, with pictures from a summer and an autumn walk around Crystal Palace park and nearby Sydenham.

Crescent Wood Tunnel north portal.

I went along on the Sydenham walk (called the ‘Fungi Forage’), wooed by the prospect of a walk through the old railway tunnel, but it was not to be.

fungi forage

But I learnt a bit about picking wild mushrooms: don’t, because I’m too stupid to work out the difference between tasty ‘shrooms and poison-laden instant-death dealers.

Crystal Palace Park.

Crystal Palace Park.

I love Crystal Palace Park – all over the huge park there’s remnants of its glorious Victorian past and bonkers things like Egyptians sphinxes, concrete dinosaurs and grand stairs going nowhere.

Crystal Palace Park.

I discovered a pedalo half stuck in a tree, a considerable distance from any water, and there’s headless statues scattered all over the park.

Crystal Palace Park.

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  1. there used to be giant concrete? prehistoric monsters along the river? lake edge? in Crystal Palace Park. I remember rowing past them.
    I suppose they are not still there?

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