David Bowie: Life On Mars. Genius.

David Bowie: Life On Mars

Man oh man, how good is this song?

Released in 1971 and described by the BBC as “a cross between a Broadway musical and a Salvador Dalí painting,”  it’s a stunning work by an artist at his absolute peak of creativity.

Here’s two versions of the video (with and without visual effects).

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  1. Bright blue eye-shadow! Those were the days. I remember when Young Liberal luminary Ruth Addison (Chair NLYL 1973-5 – immediately succeeding Peter Hain) had a fit of Quaker puritan zeal and bequeathed me her make-up box. (Even the Young Liberals had quaint views of gays in those days. I recall a tea-dance in a church hall in Hulme where same sex dancing was compulsory for alternate numbers!)
    The silver eye shadow did not go down with the vicar at my own parish church’s prayer supper. No wonder he has now joined the Ordinariat (Anglicans defected to Rome over women bishops).
    Back to the post – I prefer the unbleached version – there is a really spooky invisible piano at the end.
    BTW this scion of Stansfield Road SW9 did TRY to do his best by Brixton. Donated a substantial sum to Courtney Laws for the refurbishment of the building behind Morleys. Became (briefly) known as Carlton Hall. How was David Bowie to know that Courtney had the FAX machines humming transferring cash to Jamaica – where he build 4 substantial villas?
    Since Lambeth Social Services were also defrauded Mr Laws was also prosecuted by Lambeth Council. He died the day before the trial was due to open – of a heart attack.
    What else could he do? asked Lambeth Accord’s auditor at the time (around 1995).

  2. Agreed 100%, Bowie was light years ahead of his time. This still sends tingles down my spine. Thank you for posting the original video.

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