Dented buses, Brixton trams and DIY signs

Brixton photos

There was much excitement (and piss taking) going on at the corner of Gresham Rd and Coldharbour Lane on Saturday morning when a bus driver completely miscalculated the turning.

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Brixton photos

As part of their public consultation process, Transport for London (TfL) dragged down a mock up of the proposed tram into Tate Gardens, Brixton.

Cross River Tram in Brixton

Brixton photos

If ever you feel a pressing need to buy yourself a Safari Suit, here’s where to find them.

Brixton photos

Down in Loughborough Junction, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the frontage of the long-closed Green Man pub had been carefully restored back to what looks like its original façade.

The building has been polished up and turned into yuppie flats above, and although the pub isn’t expected to return to life as a boozer, it sure looks nice.

History of the Green Man

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