Littlehampton trip

Littlehampton trip

Spent a lovely day in the West Sussex town of Littlehampton yesterday and checked out the new East Beach cafe which looked great (although smaller than we imagined).

Littlehampton trip

The town was a lot better than we remembered it from our 2003 visit, and we managed to get a fabulous cream tea (an essential part of any seaside trip!).

Littlehampton photos

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  1. I had this email from a Harry in Littlehampton. Unfortunately, his email address didn’t work, but I think his comment is worth reading:

    I really enjoy the photos you posted on the Littlehampton section on
    your website. I must however, object to your write-up about the East
    beach Cafe. The statement “Despite its radical architecture, there
    wasn’t a single objection to the planning application which suggests
    that Littlehampton residents understood the value that such a striking
    building might bring to the town”
    seem to come staight from the council. I must point out to you that a
    large number of people objected to rusting monstrosity but, the
    council ignored all the objections and pretended, as usual,that all
    was good.

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