Old Brixton Cycles building on Coldharbour Lane set to be demolished

Long term Brixtonites will fondly remember the days when the Brixton Cycles co-op traded from a large shop in Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, conveniently located directly opposite the Prince Albert pub.

Brixton Cycles eventually had to move out of central Brixton to their new site in Stockwell in May 2001, but not before I’d snapped two of their lovely staff at work in the old shop.

The building remained unused for several years as various plans and proposals came and went, until it was eventually squatted as an arts centre in October 2005.

Known as the ‘Brixton Arts Co-op,’ the squat managed to last until Feb 2006, and for a short while proved to be a great addition to the area, providing a space for local artists to show off their work, and for people to meet up and hang out.

See the feature on the Brixton Arts Co-op Opens for more info on the arts squat.

The unreal McKoy

After the squatters were booted out, the premises were taken over by a fashion business known as the ‘Real McKoy,’ catering for (ahem)  ‘Menz’ and Girlz’ clothing.

Sadly, it failed to live up to its name when it was fined £8,000 in May 2008 by Lambeth Council Trading Standards after being caught selling fake designer clothes.

The Real McKoy closed down not long after, and despite persistent rumours of a posh restaurant opening up on the site, a planning application has now gone in to demolish the existing building, boot out some friends of ours, and  replace it with 9 self-contained flats.

As has become the norm with nu-Brixton developments, it’s hugely unlikely that there will be any social housing provision included.

Proposed development 


View of the current building from the planner’s PDF file.

View of the proposed development  (see full PDF here).

Here’s the text of the planning document:

12/02837/FUL | Demolition of existing shop front and substantial demolition of existing building with the erection of an extension at first and second floor levels to rear elevation and erection of an additional storey at third floor level. To provide 9 self contained flats (currently 2 residential units). And the installation of solar panels/PV installation at proposed roof level. (Including associated cycle storage and refuse store at ground floor level subject to application 10/02057/FUL) (Planning and Conservation Area Consent applications received 12/02838/CON) | 435 – 437 Coldharbour Lane London SW9 8LN

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4 Comments on “Old Brixton Cycles building on Coldharbour Lane set to be demolished”

  1. Don’t look too bad to me. Are you objecting? I felt sorry for the Real McCoy guy. After all fashion is just a pose – why not pose cheaply. At 336 we had a client who depended on the Real McCoy for his snazzy appearance – which was one of his few pleasures in life.

  2. My fear is that as more and more expensive flats are stuffed into the heart of Brixton (while social housing and flats disappear), the kind of people moving in will soon tire of the (ahem) vibrancy of the street and start complaining about the noise from long-term venues like the 414 Club and the Prince Albert.

    Kill those kind of places off and you’ve killed off a big part of the character of central Brixton.

  3. An interesting bric-a-brac shop/cafe has sprung up there lately (“Brix’n’Brac”), although it looks like it might not be long for this world. I reckon you should get a record of it before it goes!

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