Remembering old Brixton: Car Free Day 2000 (video)

With the fabulous Brixton Splash almost upon us, it’s interesting to look back at one of the inspirations for the event, the Brixton Car Free Day in 2000.

The event took place on Friday, September 22nd, 2000, and saw Coldharbour Lane being closed to traffic for 12 hours with some hugely diverse entertainment being put on.

It was a lovely community day out with loads of cycling related events for kids taking place, and the fascinating video below shows off a Coldharbour Lane that has much changed over the years.

Back then, Brixton Cycles was located right in the heart of Brixton and there’s loads of long-gone shops tobe spotted (anyone remember Pendragon Records and the Brixton Liquor Supply?!).

Long time Brixtonites will recognise lots of familiar faces in the clip, many of whom are happily still be to seen padding the streets of Brixton town!

Car Free Day from Stephen Folorunsho on Vimeo.

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