At last!

There may not be much of it yet, but at least – at long last – I’ve finally got to feel a bit of snow on my face this winter!

It’s still snowing lightly right now and there’s more forecast, so with luck I’ll be taking photographs on the snowy streets of Brixton tomorrow!

Oh, a quick update for the last week:

Sat Urban75 walk to darkest Woolwich Arsenal, Eltham and Falconwood. Despite icy blizzards, much fun was had. Photo report to follow.

Fri Day trip to Kew Gardens. Lovely. Urban75 party in the evening. Top stuff!

Thurs: Elm Park Tavern to take my part in a Pub Pop Quiz as part of ‘Team Clever’
We lost. Quite dismally.

Weds Hobgoblin, Brixtin for Tsunami benefit with Mark Thomas, Rob Newman, Normal Lovett and Daniel Kitson. Very funny!

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