Some stunning new views across Brixton, courtesy of TK Maxx

Some new views on Brixton, courtesy of TK Maxx

With the opening of the TK Maxx department store on Brixton Road, there’s now some great views to be had from the second floor (that’ll be the menswear dept), with the big glass windows giving panoramic views along Brixton Station Road street market and beyond.

Some stunning new views of Brixton, courtesy of TK Maxx

The big red brick building above used to host the premises of  Landy & Berlin (‘the great expert tailors’) at 417, Brixton Road (see ‘Then and Now’ photos here).

The store once boasted of offering  the ‘Latest London and Paris models’, but by 2004 it was home to the Lambeth Building  Society. It now hosts the San Marino coffee bar.

Did you know? Michael Caine walked down Brixton Station Road in the film ‘Alfie’ – and here’s the pics to prove it.

Some stunning new views across Brixton, courtesy of TK Maxx

Looking along the tracks towards Coldharbour Lane, with Brixton station in the foreground and Brixton Rec to the left.

The station used to provide a direct rail link to Peckham, with platforms accessing the service via a long-gone elevated platform over Brixton Station Road (see a photo of it here). The service was closed by the London & South Western Railway as early as 1916, although the platforms to the right remain in use.

In the distance, you can see the distinctive outline of the iconic Barrier Block (Southwyck House), while the tall crane in front of it is being used to construct a new Barrett homes development on the site of the old Cooltan squat.

Read more Brixton history here.

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