Testing Windows Live Writer

I’m giving this free Microsoft blogging download a spin.

The good folks at Lifehacker raved about it, and it’s been recently updated so  I’m hoping it’s going to be better than faffing around on the Blogger website.

So far, I’m liking what I’m seeing – it’s a lot more powerful than Blogger, provides nippy previews and has quite a few handy image editing tools too.

I’ll report back later!

Five minutes later: OK, it’s starting to piss me off big time. It’s converting apostrophes to question marks for no good reason. I found what looks like a fix here, but let’s see if it works….

Ten minutes later: This is frustrating. I turned off the “Replace” options under Tools | Options | Editing as instructed, but now just some of the apostrophes are coming out as question marks.

I hope this can be sorted out, because the editor is infinitely faster than using Blogger…

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