Greetings from New York! Flew over in a super-high tech Virgin AirBus. The video screen was so hi-tech, you could text/ring/email the ground, send text messages to fellow passengers and fart around with untold amount of video/audio settings. Once I’d finished trying to work out ways of updating urban75 mid flight, I setted down to watch the excellent ‘ Once Upon a Time In The Midlands’ film…

We’re having fun in NYC despite a near arrest after I – apparently – tried to photograph a ‘high security’ building: the Holland Tunnel!

Last night we visited my mate Jim, who was DJing at the Raven in the East Village. Resplendent in a mad Goth-meets-Duran ensemble, he played some excellent tunes (apart from a troubling death metal selection) while we wolfed down the junior-sized ‘pints’ (US pints being about a third smaller than UK ones – when you’re drunk it makes you feel like your hand has expanded!)

Tonight we’re off to enjoy a pub crawl around Tribeca… expect some updates soon!

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