ITV lunch time news – WTF?!

It looks like a load of Nathan Barleys have Hoxtonised the ITV lunch time news with a ludicrous hi-tech makeover.

To the blaring sounds of Radiohead, a feast of rotating 3D graphics roll around the screen with a Tron-like graphics showing data and maps flying across the screen in a manner reminiscent of a good acid trip.

When they finally get around to the interviews, the hyperactive studio camera is set to “constant pan and scan” with viewers experiencing sea sickness as the camera endlessly rolls around the studio like a drunk going the wrong way along a travelator.

Just in case there was any chance you might want to concentrate on what is actually being said, a load of inane text messages roll endlessly along the bottom of the screen, with a load of brightly coloured, ‘Asteroids’-style wire frame cubes rolling around the immense video screen behind.

And even if you manage to filter out this kaleidoscope of movement, you’re stuck with the trite, dumbed down babblings of their ‘budsy’ presenting team.

I know elections can be boring, but this ludicrous hi-tech audio-visual feast of nothingness is likely to make viewers even less interested.

God knows what old grannies must make of this “I’ve got a 3D package and I’m going to use it” nonsense.

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