Aaaargh! The heat! 34C in the office

Aaaargh! The heat!

Bollocks to his chuffing heat. It’s now a blistering 34C in my office and I’m hating it – and there’s more of the same on the way as the UK swelters through the third hottest summer in UK recorded history

I say: roll on autumnal browns, October storms, November woodsmoke and December chill…!

Last night we hit the Lounge in Atlantic Road, Brixton for a pre party drink. Nice place, but, sadly, still awaiting the arrival of the air conditioning. The planned small meet up quickly expanded to a room filling posse of hot quaffers before we headed off for my mate Gibby’s farewell drink. A former writer of the excellent SchNews (Brighton’s finest direct action newspaper), he’s off to hook up with the girl of his dreams in Brazil. Good luck and Bon Voyage mate!

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