urban75 in the New Scientist!

Nice to see one of the threads on our bulletin board being reported in this esteemed science journal!

However, while engaged in some essential stochastic blue-sky research (otherwise known as idly surfing on company time) Feedback came across a discussion of possible mechanisms on the www.urban75.com bulletin boards. This confirms, anecdotally, that the phenomenon is as common in domestic South London as it is in labs in Melbourne. By far the most popular explanation on the site was “house faeries”, though we rather like the proposals that “odd socks are seducing the spoons with stories of The Life That’s Waiting Outside” and the more materialist “there’s a bloke down East Street market that sells ’em on”.

One contributor insists: “It is well known that teaspoons and Biros are alternate manifestations of the same underlying quantum object. Proof: when you attempt to observe one, all you see is the other. Obviously, there’s a reflection of the fundamental asymmetry of the universe here too, because you can stir your tea with a Biro.”

New Scientist

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