Double whammy of Offlines

Double whammy of Offlines

It’s only Saturday morning and the strain is showing after two Offline nights!

On Thursday, I put on the first ‘regular’ Offline at Brixton JAMM – our new venue about ten minutes walk out of Brixton.

I was reluctant to leave the Dogstar – it’s well known, in a perfect location and has lots of passing trade – but I couldn’t face the monthly hassle with exploding PAs, zero publicity and ever-changing management.

Which was all rather weird seeing as it was by far their busiest night in the week, bringing in huge crowds and some great acts.

So the whole shebang has been moved up to JAMM, a great venue with a fabulous PA and professional set up. Only trouble is that it’s remote location means we’re going to have to really ramp up the publicity to encourage people to take the walk up Brixton Road.

Still, I had a great night and managed to get some top notch drunken dance floor action at the end.

And yes, I really did play, “Paper Plane” by The Quo. Let. It. Rock!

More Offline pics

Last night was Offline at Birkbeck College where I suddenly found out that my DJ set was expanding from three hours to five! Luckily, I was well stocked with tunes and, once again, took full advantage of the outrageously cheap beer on offer.

Nice to see a group of Urbanites coming down to support the night (or just drink the cheap lager)…

And tonight… is PROD

Bring it on!

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