The Evils of Day/Night Nurse

The Evils of Day/Night Nurse

I’ve had a right stinky cold, going through boxes of tissues at an alarming rate, so hit the Day/Night Nurse cold remedy.

The first day I took the four sets of tablets (morning, lunch, afternoon and eve) at the prescribed times and felt OK but woke up feeling like a mogadoned slug with a sleepy hangover. Not good.

Yesterday, I felt a bit better so put the pills away after taking the afternoon dose. Bad mistake.
Fuck knows what’s in the stuff, but I had a really dry mouth and felt a bit weird and twitchy all evening – like I’d taken speed (but without the fun).

Worse was to come when I went to bed. I could barely sleep a wink! After a hideous night tossing and turning interspersed with weird dreams (including one where Michael Jackson was showing me his photo album – eek!) I feel utterly shit this morning.

So here’s my tip: if you go the the Day/Night nurse route – take the flipping lot else you’ll feel worse.

Or just do what I’ll be doing in future and take a paracetamol instead.

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