Lord of the hangovers!

Lord of the hangovers!

Last night was another B-I-G Offline night out in Brixton and I’m still feeling the effects!

Maybe it was because it was f-f-f-freezing outside, but the night started perilously slow and by 9pm I was preparing for the one night that all promoters dread: the empty one!

Thankfully, the punters streamed in and the place was comfortably busy an hour later.

As ever, we had an eclectic mix of acts, with the fabulous Katy Carr opening up the night followed by the none-more-indie quirky posters Mon Fio.

The highlight of the night was the 14-strong traditional Brazilian Maracatu Estrela Do Norte drummers, who put in an amazing, thunderous performance – and the crowd loved ’em!

A couple of last minute DJ cancellations meant I got a decent turn of DJing in the main room this time around (the trouble with being the promoter is that it’s usually your DJ slots that go west when things overrun).

The best of the bit of the night for me, however, was the fucking amazing beer-fuelled DJ soundclash between me and IanW in the back room. Fabulous fun!

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