A long weekend – and it was a good ‘un!

A long weekend – and it was a good ‘un!

Friday night, I went along to the Dirty water Club at the Boston Arms, in Tufnell Park to check out an night of all-girl bands with the Scha La La Las, The Priscillas and highly hyped, Tarantino-approved Japanese retro garage girl band, the 5,6,7,8’s.

I kind of liked them, but I fucking hated the venue. It was one of those annoying, soulless clubs that make you queue up for ages even though you bought a ticket in advance.

Eme and Tim @ the 'orrible Boston Arms

When you finally get to the door, you’re given a mighty big full body frisk-down by security – and just when you think you can finally get a beer, there’s some more door staff demanding to put an unsightly inky smudge on your hand.

How Does It Feel to Be Loved, Canterbury Arms, Brixton

We couldn’t wait to get out of the place and return to a decent club in Brixton – the excellent How Does it Feel to Be Loved.

How Does It Feel to Be Loved, Canterbury Arms, Brixton

I got so drunk my neck stopped hurting for a while (although I realise that I can’t dance at all, unless I fancy looking like a swivelling Dalek).

On Saturday, we spent a fabulous afternoon at the Cannabis Festival in Brockwell. Check out my photo report!

And to wrap it all up, we hit the trusty Albert for a superb evening of live poetry. There’s no denying that one or two of the poets were a little worse for wear after drinking all day, but we had a hoot.

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