urban75.net – nearly a million pages looked at every week!

Blimey, it’s getting very busy around here!

In January 2006, the urban75.net domain – the bulletin boards – registered an amazing 3,737,275 page impressions (i.e. whole pages looked at) – that’s nearly a million pages a week!

Combing the two domains (.net and .org) gives us the astonishing figure of 5,753,864 page impressions for the month – nearly 1.5 million/week and over 200,000 per day.

Here’s the stats for January 2006:

urban75.net (January 2006)
unique visitors: 87,372
Number of visits: 184,791
Page impressions: 3,737,275
Hits: 18,731,406

Bulletin Board stats (January 2006)
New posts: 134,115
New threads: 3,956
New members: 910

urban75.org (January 2006)
unique visitors: 248,302
Number of visits: 342,248
Page impressions: 2,016,589
Hits: 39,828,200

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