The heat! The heat! Aaargh!

The heat! The heat!

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not a fan of hot weather. That’s not to say I don’t mind a bit of sun if I happen to be sipping a cold beer by the sea, but as a rule of a thumb, I’m an autumnal and winter kind of fella.

So, as you might imagine, this current heatwave is not going down a storm in Chez Urban75, where I’m stuck in in a steaming room, battling with another of my writing deadlines with the heat way up in the mid-90s F (there’s a funny thing – I always refer to hot weather in Fahrenheit and cold weather in Celsius)

Apparently, the weather is so hot that trains are having to slow down amid fears of tracks buckling in the heat, and forecasters are predicting that the UK’s record temperature (37.1C (99F) recorded in Cheltenham, 3 August 1990) could be beaten this week.

Aargh. Roll on the beautiful autumnal hues of October…

Meanwhile, my camera dilemma continues, but I’m going to hold out for an expected announcement from Sony in two weeks about a possible replacement for the perennially tempting Sony DSC-F717

Today’s top news is that my chum, Shane Collins, has been released after receiving a ludicrous six week jail sentence for growing cannabis at home. He only spent a day in jail before a judge threw out the original sentence on appeal.

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