Desperately seeking records

Desperately seeking records

Tomorrow I have the honour of DJing at the most excellent How Does It Feel To Be Loved night at the Canterbury Arms, Brixton.

Up to now, my DJing has been restricted to short 30-45 min sets at the urban75 chilled out Offline nights where you can play any old bollocks and not worry about keeping a dance floor ‘happening’.

But tomorrow I’m playing a whopping great 90 minute set and have to live with the fear of clearing the dance floor with a dodgy tune – so I’m going to have to try and introduce some semblance of structure to my set. Eeek!

Anyone wishing to witness a grown man fumbling about with record decks and battling with baffling technology is cordially invited to come along – I’ll be spinning the platters that matter from 1030 till midnight…

And then I’ll be getting drunk.

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