How Does It Feel To Be Loved?

Played a DJ set at one of my fave clubs, How Does It Feel To Be Loved? last night.

The club is bi-monthly, switching between a north London venue and the trusty Canterbury Arms in Brixton, and plays indie pop, northern soul, Tamla Motown, girl groups, and sixties heartbreak.

After foolishly trying to push the envelope last time and experiencing the floor-clearing power of the KLF, this time I gave ’em what they wanted – and lots of it!

With a non-stop onslaught of Motown, Morrissey, Dexys, The Jam, The Who, Camera Obscura, Belle and Sebastian the dancefloor was pwned even surviving a risky edgy pop excursion into XTC-land.

It was great fun. Cheers Ian!

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