More bloody records

More bloody records

Once again, I was unable to resist the lure of the fabulous FOPP records store in Covent Garden.

I’ve never managed to leave this excellently-curated, cut-price record store without at least five CDs under my arm, and now that I’m running my own club – and valiantly battling with my limited DJ skills – I’ve been given all the excuses I need to keep on buying CDs!

At least I managed to restrict myself to just five CDs. This time!

Dark Side of the 80s (double CD for a fiver stuffed full of goth/alt rock gems like The Mission, Pixies. The Fall, Zodiac Mindwarp, Cure, Cult etc)

Teenage Kicks (another cheapo double CD rammed to the brim with fantastic post punk/underground tunes; Velvets, Ian Dury, Stranglers, Undertones, Aswad, Jam, Slits etc)

Generation 80s (a bit tacky, but only a fiver and redeemed by including Frankie’s ‘Relax’, Associates, XTC and the Redskins)

Grandaddy: ‘Sumday’ (I’ve recently rediscovered their fab ‘Sophtware Slump’ CD. They seem to have a thing about mis-spelt titles)

Franz Ferdinand (I’d been avoiding them because of the hype,. but heard a song and was hooked)

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