Now, I’m definitely not one for any of that ear-candle, chakra-chanting psychic healing tosh, but I have to say that acupuncture floats my boat.

I first tried it last year when my doctor suggested it may cure a painful neck/tingling hands combo that I’d developed.

Seeing as the total cost was going to nuppence (God bless the NHS!), I thought I’d give it a go, so the following week I was duly given a neck-full of needles by an impressively no-nonsense doctor.

And would you Adam-and-Eve it? The next day I felt loads better!

The tingling arms stuff hasn’t come back since, although the neck still plays up a bit- but a quick blast of the needles definitely sorts it out for a while. Respect!

On a different tack, tonight sees the inaugural meeting of the urban75 Emergency Server Relocation Committee at the trusty Albert pub.

We’ve got just three weeks to find a new home so keep your fingers crossed!

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