Maximum hassle – finding a home for urban75

Maximum hassle

I’ve had an utterly miserable time desperately trying to sort out a new home for the bandwidth-guzzling bulletin boards.

Despite the generous donations being thrust my way from a host of urban75 regulars, it looks like we can only afford a self-managed server.

“What’s that?” you may ask. I’ll explain.

urban75 is currently hosted on a dedicated managed server. This means that some techie spod in The Land Of Mullets makes sure that the machine is running all the latest security updates and patches, and all the content is regularly backed up.

Naturally, the loving attention of a white-coated, cola-drinking, pens-in-the-pocket techie dude adds to the overall server costs, and without sponsorship, we can’t afford that.

So that means we’ll probably have to host the site on an unmanaged server: that’s where you get a box connected to the internet and, well, that’s it, actually.

All the incredibly dull software/back-up/configuration stuff would have to be taken care of by urban75 volunteers, which could spell disaster if they’re all out partying or on holidays.

Truth is, all this hassle is really driving me up the wall right now… let’s hope it can get sorted soon.

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