It doesn’t seem that long ago that the web was seen as the exclusive domain of tightly zipped anoraked spodheads – I can remember when receiving an email was an event.

With the web an everyday part of many people’s lives, it’s only the terminally uncool that still enthuse about the ability to email anyone in the world instantly.

But I occasionally remind myself about just how amazing the Internet is – heck, I’m writing this in a café on a weensy little PDA and communicating my dull wafflings to the web via a wireless connection.

And that is kinda cool, no?

Today’s Evening Standard placard announcing Google’s email plans really reminded me about just how commonplace the web has become

(cue mumblings about ‘the good old days’ when websites were properly built, when we had proper email, not so many oiks around etc etc etc zzzz)

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