Yule-tastic Frenzied Festive Feast o’Fun

Yule-tastic Frenzied Festive Feast o’Fun

Things have been a little alcohol-tastic of late, so apologies for the delay in updating this blog.

Last Thursday I gatecrashed the urban75 Bookgroup’s Christmas Curry in the fabulous Khan’s Indian Restaurant in Brixton Water Lane. Needless to say, alcohol flowed. Liberally.

The next night there was the little matter of a small party around the flat to drink my way through, followed by a bumper Stella-imbibing session on Saturday night.

The evening started at the Windmill for the excellent People’s Republic of Disco – jam packed with Urbanites – and then finished up at my old mate Paul’s Blow-Up Club at The Metro Club in Oxford Street. Strutting their stuff to a somewhat beered up crowd of laaaads were the Actionettes who put in a fine show, with the hip shaking Action Men adding to a great performance. My shiny new chunky Sony 717 camera was recording the action and managed to avoid being drenched by a dribbling drunken oaf who waffled on in my ear when I was taking photos by the stage. Expect some pic updates soon!

In-between all this industrial scale alcohol consumption, I’ve been adding loads of new images to my Brixton: Then and Now series, which is rapidly turning into something of an obsession – there’s over 95 sets of photos in there!

Right, that’s it for now. I’ve just come back from the Albert and in my slightly confused state managed to score 109 on the BBC’s interactive IQ test. I’m sure I would have got a much higher score if I wasn’t so tired.




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