Saturday afternoon, London

Saturday afternoon, London

Cillin’ with an afternoon coffee in the Photographers Gallery, Leicester Square.

It’s been a mad week – I worked out that I’d barely left the flat for three days as I’d been battling a mo’fo deadline for a big writing job for Internet Magazine.

I was writing a big ‘group test’ of WYSIWYG web editors, so I had to spend ages installing the things and then trying to make sense of the ‘help’ files. It was a main feature (six pages) so I had a lot of writing to do, but you’ll have to wait until the May issue comes out for the results!

(For the record, I don’t use WYSIWYG editors for my own site – I’m an old-school, ‘head under the bonnet’ get-yer-hands-dirty-with-HTML kinda guy – sp it’s Notepad or Homesite for me)

By Thursday I was definitely ready for a beer – which was handy because that was the launch night of my new urban75 club at the Brixton Ritzy, Offline.

Despite recurring technical problems with the amps, the night was a fantastic success – the place was absolutely packed!

I have to say that I really enjoyed my spell on the decks, even if being reduced to one working deck reduced any scope for dramatic cross-fades!

Billed as ‘The Editor’s Post Punk Half-Hour’, I brought along a pile of my old 45s, and successfully fumbled my way on the turntable to knock out tunes by New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, Jesus and Mary Chain, the Smiths and the delightfully obscure Leyton Buzzards, ‘Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees’.

I swear I saw a few heads nodding approvingly. Or maybe they were laughing…

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