Presentations and all girl punk


Today started early. Too early.

I had to be up at 8am (that’s the equivalent of the crack’o’dawn in my world) to prepare for a talk I was giving at the British Council in the West End.

I was asked to give a presentation to an international delegation, and it felt quite strange talking about urban75 in front of 70-odd folks from all around the world.

Still, they seemed to get my jokes and despite the ungodly hour, I think I made some sense!

My talk wasn’t helped by a lingering hangover from last night. We’d gone to this weird Dept. of Something or Another staff bar to see a friend play in their all-girl punk band, the A-Lines.

The smoky underground bar was strangely reminiscent of the old working men’s clubs I used to play in the Welsh valleys, with an oddball mix of punky-types there to see the band – and lots of completely hammered office types who’d clearly been enjoying the discounted beer for hours on end.

The 1970’s throwback felt even more real with the DJ playing an authentic collection of punk and new wave tunes (The Adverts; “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes”, Costello; “Peace, Love and Understanding” etc).

I fear I revelled in nostalgia a little too much as I feel pretty rubbish now. Why can’t they invent hangover-free beer?

Still, the late night walk by Parliament and across Lambeth Bridge was a lovely way to end any evening…

Right now, there’s just been the merest hint of snow in central London, although there’s no chance of seeing the blankets of snow I grew up with in Wales.

I miss snow…

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