Mighty Wales crush Scotland 4-0!

Mighty Wales!

Oh yes! Despite being many players short of our full squad, we still managed to whip, nay, crush Scotland 4-0 at the Millennium Stadium! And how good was the 22 yr old hat-trick king, Earnshaw? The pocket dynamo’s now slammed away six goals in 10 international appearances – I only hope Cardiff can hang on to him….

Obscure fact! At the end of the game Wales only had Nationwide players on the pitch!

Away from the football pitch, yours truly has been firmly ensconced in the house for the past three days, battling with a writing deadline for Internet Magazine and growing a most unpleasant beard. I’m reviewing five ‘WYSIWYG’ editors in a group review, which means lots of installing and uninstalling programs and rifling through baffling help files.

I’ve got to finish the job by midday tomorrow as I’ve got a meeting in town and the have to hotfoot it back to Brixton for the launch of my new chilled out club at the Ritzy, Offline.

Are you lot coming or what? 😉

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