Aaargh! The Dreary Dullness of Databases!

Aaargh! The Dreary Dullness of Databases!

I’ve just spent the entire day – just about every last feckin’ minute of it – trying to install the upgraded vBulletin boards on to urban75. Ably guided by the ever-helpful ‘miss minnie’, this miserable task started at 11am and several panic-attacks, server freezes and immense server downloads later the task is finally drawing near to completion.

Well, at least I think it is: for the last three hours, it’s been busy building a ‘search index’, with the total currently ‘indexed’ standing at just over a million. Which means there’s another 2 million posts to index. Aaaargh!

Still, hopefully the wait will be worth it as vBulletin v3 looks like a fabulous piece of software, stuffed full of groovy gadgets shiny baubles and funtastic features….

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