urban75 celebrates 10 million posts

urban75 celebrates 10 million posts

Blimey! When I started urban75 way back in 1995, I never thought it would still be going strong in 2011, and today sees the bulletin board hitting the astonishing total of ten million posts.

Fittingly, it appears that the 10,000,000th post was someone asking if a previous post was the 10,000,000th post – or it may have been someone posting up a picture of a crispy pancake or – even better – it may have been a post featuring the image above. Or it may have been a one word post asking, “get?”

urban75 celebrates 10 million posts

Gush, gush

A big thanks to everyone who has contributed over the years – it’s been a pleasure to be part of  such a community, and I’ve met some fantastic life-long friends through urban75.

You can read the full background to urban75 here and and read about the history of the bulletin boards here.

Big yourself up!

Discuss the news here: urban landmark: the 10 millionth post


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