kickass weekend!

I’m pleased to report that the mighty Wales held Russia to a 0-0 draw in Moscow on Saturday – an event which immediately triggered some industrial strength quaffing. I popped over to the Reclaim the Beach party on the Southbank, but got there so early there were only a few people plugging in amps and speakers. So I headed back to Brixton, down to the Albert and then on to the most excellent Windmill for an excellent live band and more quaffing.

I recovered today with brunch at the Lounge, Brixton with Emerald, Tim and Marcus and snapped a couple of pics for their soon-come website.

I’ve just started to watch the film, ‘When Saturday Comes’ on tele, but quickly realised it was utter crap.

And now I’m babbling because I’m so knackered, so I’ll sign off for now.

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