Still recovering from the weekend!

Still recovering from the weekend!

It turned out to be a bit of a corker, with some industrial sized quaffing at the most excellent People’s Republic of Disco at the Windmill.

The place was packed out with a host of ‘avin’ it large Urbanites who certainly knew the meaning of the words, “get pissed!”

Although I managed to avoid interacting with a dodgy Wham tunes, my resistance crumbled when the Psychedelic Furs hit the decks. Top tune!

(Tim and Marcus – you missed out on a great night, you pussies!)

Great news

Anyone’s who sat through my endless camera-purchase related bleating, will be delighted to learn that I’ve finally ordered a Sony DSC-F717 at the staggeringly cheap price of £398! I’m crossing my fingers that the thing will actually turn up because the price is well cheap.

The cheapest you can find it on the web is around £540, but currys advertised it as a special and I got in there quick! The offer’s now been withdrawn, so I’m hoping that they’re not going to fob me off with some bollocks.

The camera is due to arrive later this week. Fingers crossed!!

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