Citylink Couriers: useless, lying wankers

Citylink Couriers: wankers

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve wasted long days sat in waiting for this shower of shit to turn up with a promised “next day” delivery, only for the lying fuckers to later claim that they tried to deliver it.

Today was no different. I was in all day. I even kept the house quiet so we could hear their delicate pitter patter on the door, but there was not a noise all day. The bell did not ring, no matter what fantasy version of events the driver has spun and no note was left.

But how’s this for an extra stroke of genius? They say on their awful website that they’ll deliver up until 8pm at night, but their customer service helpline closes at 7pm – so you’ve no one to complain to when it looks like your package is not going to turn up! Fantastic!

Still, at least they’ve given me the option of collecting it personally. From Wimbledon – a mere one hour and 17 minutes away by pubic transport.

The wankers.

Rant over.

*goes for a lie down

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Citylink – the worst courier company in London, bar none.

31 Comments on “Citylink Couriers: useless, lying wankers”

  1. i fuking hate them they take soooo long they work around the corner i would of prefered to hop there on 1 leg and pick up my package !!!!!!!!!@£$%^&^%$£$&&^%$£$%^&^%$$%^&*&^%$%^&^%$$%&*&^ KUNTTT SSSSSSSSS

  2. Now two days waiting for them to deliver my shipment-it was next working day, they are really crooks.
    CITY LINK are cheaters!!!

  3. i think youll find there a perfectly good courier service i have spoken with there customer service team many times before and they have been extremly helpful i fell you are being unfair as they have a tough job dealing with undignified iliterate hooligans like yourselves.

  4. Oh, and as for being (ahem) ‘iliterate’, allow me to correct your post for you:

    i think youll find there a perfectly good courier service i have spoken with there customer service team many times before and they have been extremly helpful i fell you are being unfair as they have a tough job dealing with undignified iliterate hooligans like yourselves.

    Should be:

    I think you’ll find they’re a perfectly good courier service. I have spoken with their customer service team many times before and they have been extremely helpful.
    I feel you are being unfair as they have a tough job dealing with undignified illiterate hooligans like yourselves.

    HTH. HAND.

  5. lol at all these comments , just because 1 driver is bad at there job doesnt mean the whole of city link is shit , all courier companies are similar as false carding and parcels going missing , i have a major account with city link posting over £20,000 a week and can honestly say that i havent had any problems as of yet with them fewbreakages but that is to be expected with such high volumes i have used various courier’s before such as yodel/dhl , ups , and fedex , i can honestly say city link provide the best service for me ,


  7. they have said they came 3 times to my door and left a card, we were in all three days, they never did, they went to another door in my estate who told them the right address, they didnt come up another flight of stairs to my door, their website today was saying that it had been delivered to signature illegible and that it was on a van scheduled for delivery. how amazing, they have replicated my parcel and it is in two places at the same time,

  8. Spent all day, today, waiting for a delivery. Watched and listened, but nothing arrived. I paid “special delivery” for this item. CITY LINK ARE LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. its Feb and they still aint got no better.

    in all day no next day delivery, rang em up and they said looking for it…. website said they left a card f,kn fib.. not even got here, found chelmsford number rang em and they put it on van this morning when i was on phone, said if its not tell me and I will come and pick it up but you will be charged at 45p a mile as not loosing an extra days work, it was sent next day so where is it citylink.. if it was sent via post office i would have been able to pick it up, perhaps they need to broker a deal with the post office shops to add that as the extra delivery costs would help the post offices and citylinks customer satisfaction.


  10. Amazingly,I thought I was the only one they lied to.
    They are absolutely pathetic, I’m sure Fed ex and UPS are reading these comments and laughing.
    I don’t blame them, CITY LINK IS A JOKE.

    Their website said, no one was home to sign for the delivery and they left a card. I was home all day, no knock on the door, no card thought the letter hole…..maybe they put it in my wheely bin, lol I should have checked.

    Get your act together CITY DINK

  11. I agree, have been waiting now all day and tracking it online. This is the tracking info:



    Awaiting Collection



    Goods collected



    On route to delivery depot



    Arrived at Delivery Depot



    Goods loaded onto a van



    Delivery point closed (Carded)

    I was refreshing every 10 mins, at 14:00 No knocking, no card, no anything. I saw this and called them up straight away. They said the driver took a photo of my door, they desicribed it as follows: Black door, mine is brown. Gold knocker, I have no knocker. And silver car in the drive, reflected in the window, I have no driveway, I have a path leading down a leafy lane. They still claimed he tried to deliver it and said they will try and deliver again today, if not, tomorrow. Lying bastards!!

  12. Apathetic liers. Hide their office in an obscure hole on Crawley’s longest industrial area. One lie after another. Should not be allowed to hold a licence to trade.
    Trading standards should be involved and Rogue Traders be told.

  13. City Link are absolutely useless, and the ‘lying drivers’ bit I’m afraid doesn’t apply to just one or two – I’ve personally been let down by them more than once and yes, the invisible City Link man apparently tried to deliver my packages and left a card. I was in all day on each occasion and there was no knock at the door and no card left. There are plenty of people out there looking for work – City Link should sack the idiots who can’t be bothered and lie about having tried to deliver and appoint some people who want to work. Drivers are supposed to take a photo of the house they try to deliver to as proof they were there…..the woman who got the blunt end of my anger at City link told me that the driver who logged my delivery as attempted and ‘carded’ hadn’t put a photo of my house on record – even she said I shouldn’t believe he’d tried to make a delivery! One thing I will say is for people to try and keep calm when dealing with the customer services people, the lady I spoke with was lovely, its not her fault the drivers are absolutely useless.

  14. Citylink are the biggest bunch of lying cunts to ever hold a license to trade! BUT The answer is let the companies who save money using those cunts know they are being boycotted. Start with Amazon ! Lying Fucking Cunts all of them !

  15. City Link require a new CEO, obviously the currect one is totally useless, Rentokill their owners should be aware of their many problems, and take a grip instead of allowing the problems to mount to epic proportions, I have never seen a company with so many bad reviews and over a log period of time, years….its no wonder they loose money and have poor accounts, its not the drivers fault, the buck must land on the CEO and the Directors of Rentokill…its amazing in these times that top management is poor very poor….they need help !!!!!!

  16. They will be going under very soon so you can all stop moaning, and by the way, I Used to work for a sub contractor out of Citylink any you think its bad trying to get the parcel from then you should try working for them absolute bastards

  17. OH MY GOD please tell me you aren’t exaggerating about them going under soon! That would be amazing! They just cost us thousands of pounds, stress and a wasted journey the whole length of he country because they couldn’t be bothered to deliver when they should have, then refused point blank to help – disgusting, lying scammers. I’ll be opening a bottle of champagne if they go out of business!

  18. I live on 2nd floor of a 2 floor block of 12 flats.City-Link couriers are the only couriers who never come to my door because i live on the 2nd floor.I always have to go down to the main door to sign & fetch my own parcels despite having a trades button that lets them in.It takes 30 seconds, if that, to come up but no….That aside they now are in such a hurry I’m lucky to get my deliveries at all .They will now just buzz & run off.I’m not exaggerating the last one I watched run down the path pretending he couldnt see me & then speed off in his van.

    I’d booked a Thursday off for an important delivery & knowing what their drivers were like left a note on the door saying ‘I was in’ & even put my phone number on it so they couldnt say the intercom wasnt working but despite that, at Thurs 1.10pm he wedged a card into the intercom then buzzed it & ran off.I rang Citylink immediately (the time he’d put on the card said 1.15pm btw) they then apologized & said they’d get him to redeliver it.To boot he had also wrote on the card 2nd attempt so I’d have to drive 15 miles to collect it.
    At 4pm I rang again to be told that he didnt have time to return to me so I’d get it now Friday instead.I told them I’d paid for next day & I’d booked a day off & asked ‘Is this what you call a service?’.Well they apologized again said I’d have it Friday.
    Well friday dinnertime came still no parcel so I rang again.This time their reaction was ‘Nothing was booked out for delivery today’ & ‘Who said it was to be redelivered?’ After pleading ignorance they then tried to tell me I’d had 2 attempted deliveries so I had to collect it.I said ‘No way,The only thing you delivered to me was a card ….just the ONCE,to my intercom and,whilst I was here.They then said that not only I wouldnt be getting it Friday that I couldnt have it delivered saturday either as it costs extra.WHAT!!! it was a next day delivery for the Thursday & not ‘please deliver it in 5 days or whenever!!!
    After escalating my call I got to speak to a manager & had it first thing Saturday….Thanks GOD!!!

    P.S. Since this our communial main door now has a broken hinge & wont close so was permanantly open.A neighbour on the ground floor watched a City Link courier kindly lift the door with great force & then ram it shut jamming the main door but he did kindly leave me a card for my parcel wedged in the edge of the door afterwards.Lazy sod.

  19. City Link and Hermes are the worst couriers I have ever tried. At the moment also, it;s around 7.00 pm and I am waiting for the parcel to be collected by City Link. Nobody has come yet. Hermes are even worse as once I used them and they did not come for 3 days. I had to cancel that collection.

  20. Looks like Stephen Ridout, an earlier commentator on urban75 was right; albeit a little premature with his prediction. City Link is, officially, no more.

    After forty-five years of trundling our streets and pounding our paths to deliver our goodies, it has finally gone tits-up.

    From the FT (25.12.2014):

    “City Link has lurched from crisis to crisis over the past five years and was sold by Rentokil, the pest control company, for £1 to Jon Moulton’s private equity fund Better Capital in spring 2013. It invested a total of £40m in City Link.

    The new owners put workers on fresh contracts, which paid staff on a per parcel basis and required drivers to pay for their own vans, uniforms and petrol. But the business ran into conflict with unions and services deteriorated.

    Hunter Kelly, joint administrator to City Link, said that the business had sought a buyer but failed.

    “City Link Limited has incurred substantial losses over several years. These losses reflect a combination of intense competition in the sector, changing customer and parcel recipient preferences, and difficulties for the company in reducing its cost base.”

    At the end of November Better Capital acknowledged in an interim trading statement that City Link’s “current structure was unsustainable” due to excess capacity in the industry, and that it had been forced into a 50 per cent write down of its investment, based on net realisable value. It added at the time that it was pursuing “several routes to a better position”.

    The administrators said they were still evaluating the number of parcels in City Link’s hands. Its three transport hubs and 53 depots are shut until Monday December 29 when they will reopen to enable customers and recipients to collect parcels. The online tracking system and helplines will be open from Saturday.”


    Can’t help feeling sorry for the staff – those in the head-office, the hubs, and on the road.

    It mostly wasn’t their fault that their company was so piss-poor. Paid by the parcel, would you want to waste your time knocking repeatedly on a front door, just in case the householder was at home? Or would you work late into the evening to make sure you delivered that day’s (impossible) workload of parcels, before you went home yourself? Nor me.

    The Royal Mail privatisation didn’t help City Link either. Especially when Royal Mail launched its cross-subsidised parcel service for Christmas; charging just £2.80 to deliver a second class parcel weighing up to two kilograms. How can any commercial courier compete with that, without the synergies that privatised Royal Mail plc enjoys?

    And then Amazon launched its own delivery company, built on the same model as City Link, using sub-contracted drivers who have to run their own van and buy their own petrol. A recipe for the next disaster in delivery firms, perhaps?

    When it comes to delivery companies, as ever, it’s a case of get-what-you-pay-for. Understandably though, we all want goods and services delivered as cheaply as possibly. But compromises are sometimes necessary. We might have to pay a bit more if we expect a proper and reliable service. Unfortunately when purchasing from most online retailers we don’t actually get to choose the courier; the retailers contract them, and price is the determinant.

    With City Link now eliminated – and perhaps further consolidation on the cards in the parcel delivery industry – that could mean less competition. So we may find ourselves paying more for our parcel delivery any way, and without necessarily seeing any improvement in service.

    It is sad that City Link has gone. Not least for those 3,000 people now braced for redundancy in the not-so-happy new year for them. But City Link, throught its corner-cutting and penny-pinching was known for setting the lowest possible standards in the industry. It set an abysmal benchmark that the rest of the industry were minded never to match.

    Perhaps the final insult to injury is the failure of the administrators to ensure all parcels were delivered to their destinations before throwing in the chips. What a cheek to expect the public to collect their missing parcels from their “nearest” City-Link hub which in our case is nearly 40 miles away!

    Any way, sour grapes aside. Here’s wishing the best of luck to all former City Link staff for 2015.

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