Comments are go!

After I had some encouraging feedback to my recent post pondering if anyone bothered to read this blog or not, I’ve decided to give the ‘comments’ feature a go.

Fearful of an onslaught of steenkin’ spam imploring me to “$$$ BUY V1AGRA NOW!!!,” I’m going to be moderating the comments, so hopefully you won’t be peeved if your comments don’t appear immediately.

I’d love to hear your comments, so get posting!

5 Comments on “Comments are go!”

  1. Been reading your posts for years, – I think its great you’re opening up for comments. Moderated is always a little frustrating for us who comment, because its more like sending you an e-mail. However, without a filter 95% of comments will be spam, you’re right. Our blog-provider ( employs askimet – this works extremely well. No idea if you can build this into bloggr, probably not. Anyhow! Keep up the great work, I enjoy it very much. Bless, Kev

  2. Regular reader popping up here… been reading your blog for years (and Urban75 since ’97!). Love the photos, as ever, and I always like the London articles. Looking forward to seeing your new NYC pics soon!


  3. Cheers for the responses folks – it’s good to know I haven’t been talking to myself all these years.

    More New York photos will be coming soon!

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