Top Cats rock the Brixton Dex!

Top Cats rock the Brixton Dex!

Blimey. They’ve certainly done a really good job on the Prince of Wales/Dex boozer in Brixton.

Last night we saw the excellent 9-strong Top Cats knocking out a storming ska set. I found myself dancing next to the 2-tone legend Jerry Dammers (from The Specials)!

The full-on, old school crowd lapped it up, and I had one of the best nights I’ve had out in Brixton for a very, very long time. It was fucking brilliant!

Top Cats rock the Brixton Dex!

The first floor venue looks absolutely fantastic since we visited it a few years ago, with loving attention ensuring that the original features have been restored and updated.

The venue also has two floors of outside galleries, complete with a daft hot tub that anyone could jump into if they felt like it. I wasn’t drunk enough for that, but there were a few folks in there, supping drinks and oblivous to the winter rain.

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