Directory Opus v9.1 review

I’m loving this fantastic replacement Explorer program for Windows – check it out!

Directory Opus Features
Basically a super-turbo charged file manager and Windows explorer replacement, Opus lets you set up your workspace exactly how you want it, with options galore letting you set up user-definable file display views, customisable toolbars and menus with tabbed folder views and file trees.

Directory Opus v9.1 File manager For Windows: Review (91%)We felt the love for the tabbed folder views immediately – with a neat row of tabbed windows reducing a plethora of open windows on our desktop. The love kept on giving too, with the built in ZIP and RAR clients immediately impressing us with their ability to seamlessly open and view the contents of compressed folders.

It did such a good job of it that we immediately made it our default ZIP client. Nice one.

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